Saturday, January 24, 2009

some more things

I know its annoying when people refer to shopping as their weekly cardio, but I have to admit, (window) shopping is my favorite form of exercise (I mean, you're burning the same amount of calories walking as you are jogging. Its just more efficient to jog. duh. But you're carrying clothes you want to try on and and you're juggling the clothes you want to keep while searching for more precious treasures. AND carrying a huge ass bag with all your crap in it too!)

So while I was working out today, I found the most awesome pair of heels at Forever21 for $13.99. I wish I could show you, but they aren't for sale on the website, and I am too lazy to grab them out of my car to take a picture (next post I will share for sure).

I really can't describe to you what kind of shoe it is, all I know is, they are cute enough for me to purchase the only pair they had left, a size 6 pair (I am a size 7.5). I know. But I mean... 14 dollars!!! I figure it'll be good for sitting events (movies, happy hour, your moms...) where I am sitting (clever, i know) for the majority of the time, but I have the opportunity to show them off while taking frequent, short distance trips to the bathroom. weeeeooweee.

I know I'll only be able to stand the excruciating pain once (I have the vain hope my feet will magically shrink, or they'll amazingly stretch out if I wear them enough). Then begrudgingly give them away to my sister who is a size 5.5. But she will be more able to give them the attention they deserve.

Which just goes to show how much I love them.

Anyway...on to some more things...

Star Ling 'Motto 2' Boot

Almost a little too "combat-y" but I think they can really make an outfit. I guess this is one of those items (to me) that fall under the categories "ugly cute" and "something I'm not sure I can pull off". But I still want, nonetheless.

I peeked in the PINK! store because this swim suit caught my eye. And I'm like.. "wtf its suppose to snow this weekend and they're already putting out the swim suits?" But its still super hot. It'll be even hotter against nice tanned skin (something I do not have at the moment ugh) Holla! But there is no way I'm paying full price for it now when I know it'll be on sale come spring time. Which makes absolutely NO sense, but trust will.

I wish I had more things to share, but I can't think of any more.
next time.

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