Wednesday, January 14, 2009

doop doop doopity doop

Along with my quest for the perfect foundation (still have not found it...), I am on the quest for the perfect (nighttime) jean.

My favorite day time jean as of now is Sevens Roxanne Skinny Jean.

What I love even more about them is I only paid $70 dollars for them at Nordstrom Rack on Black Friday :) (They are $149 at WoOp WooOP!

I've been wearing these everyday, and almost every night I actually go out. I do not want to wear them out as I probably won't find another pair of these for 70 dollars.

So now I am on the search for a darker pair of jeans that I can wear when I go out.

I've had my eye on J Brand Jeans lately.

12" Pencil Leg Stretch Jean

I've tried these on at Nordstroms and Mercer and everytime I try them, they just don't feel right. But they are the exact color I want and the exact look I am going for. But they make my ass dissappear. And they are too expensive ($159).

So I went to urbanoutfitters to take a look at their BDG skinnies. I have a pair in a similiar almost exact color as the J Brands above, but they are old and a bit big and saggy in the ass for me. I figured I need a new size and a new pair. When I went to try them on, they looked exactly the same as the Jbrands. Even the pockets. Even the way they made my ass dissappear :( But only at $49. I held off on purchasing them because they didn't have the size I needed. Good thing I guess because I should still search around a little more.

I wish I could find the pair on urban's site, but they are no where to be found! So odd. But really, just look at the pictures above. They look just like that, but for 100+ dollars less.

I tried Joe's Jeans. No luck.
I looked at some more Sevens, but they didn't have the color I was looking for.

I think my next destination will be the Rack considering I had such good luck the last time I was there looking for jeans..

Maybe I should have started there first. Oh well.


Alyssa said...

Love the jeans :)
and I am now officially addicted to XD

ps. have you tried bare minerals?

TML <3 said...

I love the dark ones! I wish I was so skinny too, then they would maybe fit me as good as the model! Pretty :-)

Alyssa said...

yeah, it tends to make my skin either very oily or very dry