Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new yearz

I did not get a chance to actually do an update on the skinfx skin prep primer as quickly as I thought. I did not take any photos for the sole purpose of the update, but I thought I would share some NYE photos to supplement the update (because I did wear the HD and SkinPrep that night)... :)


I feel like the Skin Prep helped with the flakiness, but I still felt like I had to put some extra lotion on top of the foundation around the chin/upper lip area. I think I will try not to put so many layers of serums and creams/moisturizers before I put on the Skin Prep next time. See if it works better over just a light moisturizer.

I'm starting to really like the HD foundation though despite the flaky woes (they're minor ones now though..). I will probably go to various sephora's and get some more samples before I even start thinking about buying a bottle ($45!!).

Thanks to flash and a good camera, my skin doesn't look too bad and I'm sure the HD has something to do with it too...

Best dance partner ever.

HapPy neW YeAr!!!!!!

My beautiful and crazy fun friends!

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Anonymous said...

that foundation looks good on you! it looks like you guy had a blast! :0D good news... peter brought you back some BB cream, so you should try it. :0) i'm gonna try mine today! hee hee