Saturday, June 28, 2008

in the middle of no where.

What I do in Portland because there is nothing else to do.

no idea where i was going with this. it could make a nice print for a place mat?? =/ haha

i snickered. and felt compelled to take a picture of this. i'm also a 12 year old boy.

eggs, vanilla extract, red food coloring, some other stuff.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

brouhaha = uproar

test your vocab and save the world!

there are 60 levels. apparently, it is very rare for people to get above level 50.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

death cab & rogue wave / jesse lacey & kevin devine

Thursday, June 26 @ Edgefield Lawn? (Oregon)

I'm not a HARD CORE fan of Deathcab, but the venue is so dang close to my house, I can't not go. And I hear nothing but good things about Rogue Wave live.

Friday, July 18 @ Hawthorne Theater (Oregon)

Ok, so I will always love Brand New. And Kevin Devine has opened up for them when I've seen them. It should be interesting to see what Jesse Lacey will do solo. And he's fine as hell. Don't really care for Kevin Devine. But w/es.

Jesse and Kevin performing The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

Thursday, June 19, 2008

mommy dearest

Mother's are always good at pointing out your flaws. And always to their defense is they just want their daughters to look and be their best.

I came back to Portland not looking my best. After all nighters, stress eating from finals, and then celebratory drinking... you can only imagine I'm looking pretty beat. Also, I'm on my period, so that adds to it all, too. You can't blame me if I've got a few zits, OK?!

My mother is the first to tell me I'm fug.

Well, apparently, I'm SO fug, she made me go to a dermatologist. When I tell her the next available dermatologist appointment will be in August, she freaks out.

My mother is such a con. She decided I needed some real acne medication. Not over the counter bullshit stuff. And all I really need is a prescription and all doctors can write prescriptions. Not just dermatologists. She wanted me to get a prescription for Differin, which is a topical gel/lotion you apply to your fugness. We don't really have a primary care doctor.

So today she made me go to Urgent Care. URGENT CARE. Her loophole to the system.

I didn't take this picture. But you get the idea. Urgent Care is for... emergencies.

I walked in there, people are waiting, coughing, looking ill. Boy did I feel like a douche. There was even a teenage boy there who really did have bad acne. And there I was...

"How can I help you?"
"Uh, I need to see a doctor."
"Ok, what for?"
"...My skin."
"Do you have a rash?"
"No I have.. zits. -__-"

It might not seem douchey. But it really was because, no I don't have perfect skin, but I'm not a candidate for accutane or anything you know? It just seemed a little vain.

So I get called in to the examination room and I'm sitting there thinking... wow. I'm such a dbag.

"Well Nancy, we here at Urgent Care are mainly focused on... emergencies and not so much acne treatments. I'll write you a prescription, but you'll have to see a dermatologist next time."

I wanted to be like, "SORRY my mother made me come here because she thinks there is a miracle cream to make me pretty in time to see my family in San Fransisco at the end of June. She strongly feels that her children are a reflection of her parenting and if I look ugly, then she must be a bad parent!!!"

I love her, and she's wonderful, but yes, she's that superficial.

Anyway, I got my anti fug cream.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

don't get it twisted, baby girl

Self-declared fat ass.

Glorious start to Summer 2008. I am bummed I didn't get to graduate with all of my friends and lovers, though (in case anyone was wondering). But I find solace in the fact that I can be a bum and put off finding a real job for a couple more months.

Life is good. I've learned to not complain about small stuff. Well, maybe I haven't conditioned myself to not complain EVER, but its something I am aware of and feel like I should constantly be working on. We're young, we're alive, we have the means to have the niceties. Obviously this isn't something you've never heard before, but sometimes we get so jaded, a simple reminder never hurts.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If we cantaloupe, lettuce marry...

An amazing thing about our bodies is that it has innate ways of telling us what kind of nutrients and things we need. We know these messages as "cravings". For instance, last weekend my body was telling me I needed some red velvet cupcakes. So I made two batches, in other words, 24 cupcakes. Hey, the body wants what it wants. Who am I to tell it otherwise. We know this is as "self indulgence".

Tonight, my body was telling me I needed fruit. And my body is actually lacking in all the vital nutrients that fruits have to offer because fruits are way too expensive. (I don't know how I rationalize spending $50 dollars on 4 shots of Grey Goose+4 pineapple backs but $2.99/lb on grapes? Hell. Freaking. No.)

But again, the body wants what it wants. I drove to Safeway and bought 20 dollars worth of fruit! I came back and ate half of a cantaloupe and then half of a honeydew. Oh, and threw some grapes in there, too. I'm really excited for when I have to poop tomorrow because you know its going to be a good one.

Although the benefits of binge eating fruits are... fruitful (haha.. but you know.. the vitamins, the fiber, the awesome bowel movements. You can't deny the satisfaction of a good #2.) I am definitely paying for it now. My ears are itching like crazy. My throat feels a little swollen. The lower part of my face is breaking out in little red bumps. It's all really attractive... The hocking sounds I make to "itch" my throat, rubbing the inside of my ears... sexy. And if you haven't figured it out, I am allergic to fruit.

"Self indulgence" at its finest.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sally is a bad detective and a well known slut

This is a clip from BJ Novaks stand up. It's not the best quality video, so turn up the volume. There's not much to see, but the story is good.

starlite201: lay how mah
starlite201: gong hay phat choi
nancynancy8302: lol
nancynancy8302: sang yut fai loc
starlite201: whats that
nancynancy8302: happy birthday?
starlite201: ohhhh
starlite201: sik fan
starlite201: dim a
starlite201: ting yet gin
starlite201: tsen lei gon man di?
nancynancy8302: gno toh gnoh
starlite201: o oi lei
starlite201: whats that?!
nancynancy8302: im hungry
nancynancy8302: lol
starlite201: hahaha
starlite201: cooool
nancynancy8302: lay ho lang
starlite201: is that im too lazy
nancynancy8302: no
nancynancy8302: it says
nancynancy8302: "you're pretty"
nancynancy8302: but
nancynancy8302: i only said that
nancynancy8302: cus i don't kno how to say
nancynancy8302: "you're ugly"
starlite201: ni hen tzo
nancynancy8302: mho cho
nancynancy8302: hahha
starlite201: ?
starlite201: whats that
nancynancy8302: basically
nancynancy8302: shut up
nancynancy8302: its what danny says to me
nancynancy8302: all the time
nancynancy8302: and then
nancynancy8302: he'll tell me to tell you you're gay in mandarin
nancynancy8302: :/
starlite201: hahah
nancynancy8302: he's so predictable
starlite201: i know swear words
starlite201: diu
starlite201: do you know diu
nancynancy8302: lol
nancynancy8302: do you know fuck
nancynancy8302: hahha
starlite201: hahaha
starlite201: gau
starlite201: do you know that one
nancynancy8302: gau?
nancynancy8302: is that..
starlite201: yeah
nancynancy8302: dog?
starlite201: mmm i dunno
nancynancy8302: pok guy
starlite201: its supposed to be a sexual organ
nancynancy8302: oh
starlite201: theres gau, lan, tsat, and hai
nancynancy8302: uh
nancynancy8302: over my head.
starlite201: wait
starlite201: puk gai
starlite201: ?
starlite201: or ham gaa caan
nancynancy8302: whoa
nancynancy8302: whatever that is
nancynancy8302: thats dirty
starlite201: whyyy
nancynancy8302: ham g aa caan
starlite201: what does it say
nancynancy8302: what is ithat
starlite201: i dunno
starlite201: hahah
nancynancy8302: who is telling you this
starlite201: i wikipedia'd it
starlite201: -_-