Monday, February 16, 2009


i live out of my car and reused forever 21 bags.
peek into my car, and you'll find an uneaten fruit and cheese plate, empty starbucks cups and 75% of my closet.

this has become the way i live not because i am homeless, but because i feel like i have two homes that aren't quite my home. i have one home in which i pay $550+/month for that houses my two lovely and dear roommates. i have another home in which i actually stay at (free of charge, but hardly cost-free......) with my boyfriend and his roommates... and it hardly feels like i have my own space. a corner where i stuff my duffle and forever 21 bags does not count. but anyway, traveling between the two places makes for a messy, messy car.

with all of the crap i've accumulated, i need to seriously organize all of my belongings. i have fairly nice belongings and they need to be handled nicely. and the sense of creating my own space is something i've been craving lately.

i decided to start simple so i set out to target to buy some storage space for...of makeup.

i have a lot of it, but i've lost most of it lugging my damn make up bags around back and forth from a to b to c back to a and then to its easy to leave a piece or two behind, or have it fall out in my car... its hard to keep track of all that crap. yeah... its quite sad because my make up collection would be more impressive.

i bought some clear vanity trays for fairly cheap and i thought i would share! :)

Make up I only use sparingly:

Everyday makeup:
Very simple.

Cute things/I have no shame
(This bathroom is shared with 3 other guys)


I recently switched body lotions to Nivea. The Eucerin Plus Intensive Smoothing smells too awful. I endured the stench for a couple months, but could go on no longer. Loving the Nivea.

Anyway, that is it for now. The creation of space and organization continues and I'll keep you updated.

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Anonymous said...

i love love love how you organized your makeup! :0D I must get some of those clear plastic trays!!! I'll take some pics of my "organized" makeup when I get the chance! hee hee