Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my friday night

I know, I'm super awesome.

I was at walgreens again and saw that they had other varieties of thefaceshop masks in stock. I had to try them, especially the pearl one (which is what I'm photographed wearing..)

For greater skin hydration and elasticity

For clearer skin

Helps protect skin cells from sun damage, makes skin look youthful

For comforted and revitalized skin

So right now, it is actually Monday and I put off publishing the post because it got late and I was too tired to write anything. I am killing time before a doctors appointment and a long journey back to portland.
My thoughts on these masks:
I did the aloe one yesterday (sunday) with my friend, who did the Vita E mask. This would be my third mask (out of the 8 that I've bought). I've given most of them away to friends to try. But the ones that I have tried have basically made my skin feel smoother and exfoliated (without actually being exfoliated..). As for the actual functions of each mask, I'm not sure they do what they claim to do. Considering you're suppose to use the same mask 2-3 times a week to get the results they claim, I can't really say if they genuinely work. What I can say is, they haven't broken me out, no adverse affects, and they make me feel pretty. haha.

My friend who tried the Vita E mask said she felt a little stinging/burning sensation. But she has sensitive skin. So if you do, use these with caution. :) But I think they're generally harmless.

Just wanted to leave you with an artist I'm totally digging right now:

Grammy winner for best new artist: ADELE
I left in such a hurry, I forgot to burn her cd for the drive to portland. I'm pissed.
Download her LIVE cd. Her voice and music is so refreshing and soulful.

She beat the Jonas Bro's in this category.
Thank. God.
I have so much more to say about this, but I must shower.

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