Sunday, February 15, 2009

love / hate

things i hate:

>halo. i will admit its nice to have him occupied with something so i get a chance to do these blogs without being scrutinized.

>bouts of bladder infections in less than a month. maybe TMI and a little disgusting. i'm not dirty i swear. i carefully wipe front to back. (the culprit might be excessive caffiene and poor nutrition ???...which explains my higher daily intake of fruits, which you'll read about later...) I wince everytime I pee because it hurts and burns and feels like I have to pee even more AFTER I pee, yet nothing comes out.

>not being able to have sex because of said bladder infection.

>being cold.

>ex girlfriends who text your boyfriend at 12:30 on friday nights (yes, 2 CONSECUTIVE FRIDAY NIGHTS) asking him what he's doing. HE'S WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND YOU DUMB DUMB WHORE.

things i love:

~the thrill of driving in the carpool lane when i'm the only one in the car. in broad day light. during traffic. when people can easily see no one is in my car and judge me. EFF.YOU. Washington State Department of Transportation!

~fruit. can't get enough of it. i had 3 HUGE asian pairs just now. in one sitting. i love slicing green apples into cubes and slicing banana's and then forking them together. the banana offsets the tartness of the apple and the apple makes the banana less bland. perfect. i've also discovered that i prefer my banana's unripened.

~lazy sunday mornings. and not the "recovering from a saturday night" lazy sunday morning, but the refreshed, waking up at 7am laying around doing nothing until about 3 PM, sunday morning. :) its nice because you've gotten 8 hours of laziness in, but you still have time to be productive before u have to go to bed... like this 11:33PM!

(i really didn't lay around doing nothing for 8 hours... i cooked breakfast around 12...haha)

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Anonymous said...

I prefer my bananas unripened too