Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I finally got my hands on some BB CREAM

Rojukiss Spot Light Blemish Balm Cream
I linked it to a really great, detailed overview of the product above.

My friend went to taiwan and picked this up for me. It retails for about $40. I never really see people using this brand of BB Cream. I mostly see L'egere, BRTC, Missha, etc. etc... I was hesitant about using this because of that fact. I read it was hard to blend/spread, and the color was gray-ish.

After trying it, it is pretty thick, but blendability was fine. I just have to moisturize alot, and I do that anyway. I like the thickness because I think the staying power is better with that kind of consistency.

The grayness was not apparent to me. It is pretty light on me (I am an NC 30-35, MUFE HD 125) but I find that it dissappears after application and just gives me a nice glow. But I'm positive I will not be able to use this in a few months when I get TiZzAnnnnn.

I use it as a make up base, under my MUFE HD foundation. The problem I had with the HD was that it made my skin really flakey. To my surprise, this bb cream has helped with my HD foundation application tremendously!

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Overall: love love love...

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Anonymous said...

your skin looks FLAWLESS!