Wednesday, April 29, 2009

self restraint

I had another day off today. It was most unproductive. I did take a stroll through the mall though because it is my favorite pass time. I don't know why because I always end up really depressed and too aware of how poor I am.

Which is why I usually stick to forever 21. But even today, forever 21 was too much. But I didn't hesitate to grab things and try them on and take pictures of my vain self... I mean, what else is there to do when you're poor?

Rompin' good time.

Could be really cute if it was just a size smaller...

The cardi I wanted the most out of everything in the store..

It's nothing incredibly special or out of the ordinary, but I know I would probably wear this all the time. To work, to play, to everything. Well worth 22 dollars for millions times of wear.

But alas, I just put it on hold and walked away.

I didn't go back. :(

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