Friday, April 24, 2009

is it summer yetttttttttttttttttttt


manly in the face??
Black Halo Strapless Jumpsuit
Goes for Three Hundred and 90 BiG oNeS!~ at
However, you can purchase the SAME exact jumpsuit at Forever21 for a mere 22 dollars. and it even comes with a belt for cinching... Which this outfit TOTALLY needs (and some bangles and some big big earrings)
Unfortunately, I can't find the dupe at forever21's website. It's at the store though and I can't decide if i really want to purchase this.

I've been feeling a little risky lately by wanting to jump on the romper/jumpsuit bandwagon. This outfit totally appeals to me and I think I love it.

and yes I know that Carrie Bradshaw wore an outfit similar to this at her dinner rehearsal and it makes me want this even more.

(you can't see it, but this was the best i could do..)

(because if Carrie Bradshaw wore it, then it must be fabulous right?)

more shopbopping~

Elizabeth and James Kingston Trousers
i bought pants similar to this in gray at H&M for 15 dollars. -__-

who pays high end designer prices these days anyway? you're stupid
you can find the same damn thing at forever21/target GUARANTEED

Falke Monroe Stay Up Tight

I've been thinking about getting black opaque thigh highs. But I think I must have these instead.
edit- i bought some at target for five dollars.

victorias secret
ive been tanning during my lunches.

Welllp, thats it.

and I guess its my birthday....

...because I got a beautiful new laptop from my beautiful old boyfriend!!!!


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