Friday, April 24, 2009

feels like forever

the weather could not be more perfect for my day off! week days off are great because i can shop sans large crowds and all the hustle and bustle.

i got some birthday money and went on a forever21 rampage. i spent about 3 hours there. but only because i spent a lot of time in the dressing room taking pictures. haha

i thought i would give you guys a look at the dupe jumpsuit and share some fun finds...
and i apologize for the quality of the pictures again. this is my camera phone so bare with meeeeeeeeeeee.

sthese shoes are soooo awesome. only 20 dollars!
sadly, i did not buy :(

i found some boyfriend jeans.
i am such a trend whore.

they make me look super stumpy tho :/
i look about 3 inches shorter

decided to try some super light wash skinnies (14dollars)
still make me look short.

ok thats it for now, gunna go enjoy the sun some more~

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Wyna Noh said...

hello, thanx for adding my follower part :) i love the jumpsuit! sleek~

btw, im currently working as an associate fashion editor for an online magazine..its at
its still new but do support us :D
tk cr x