Thursday, June 19, 2008

mommy dearest

Mother's are always good at pointing out your flaws. And always to their defense is they just want their daughters to look and be their best.

I came back to Portland not looking my best. After all nighters, stress eating from finals, and then celebratory drinking... you can only imagine I'm looking pretty beat. Also, I'm on my period, so that adds to it all, too. You can't blame me if I've got a few zits, OK?!

My mother is the first to tell me I'm fug.

Well, apparently, I'm SO fug, she made me go to a dermatologist. When I tell her the next available dermatologist appointment will be in August, she freaks out.

My mother is such a con. She decided I needed some real acne medication. Not over the counter bullshit stuff. And all I really need is a prescription and all doctors can write prescriptions. Not just dermatologists. She wanted me to get a prescription for Differin, which is a topical gel/lotion you apply to your fugness. We don't really have a primary care doctor.

So today she made me go to Urgent Care. URGENT CARE. Her loophole to the system.

I didn't take this picture. But you get the idea. Urgent Care is for... emergencies.

I walked in there, people are waiting, coughing, looking ill. Boy did I feel like a douche. There was even a teenage boy there who really did have bad acne. And there I was...

"How can I help you?"
"Uh, I need to see a doctor."
"Ok, what for?"
"...My skin."
"Do you have a rash?"
"No I have.. zits. -__-"

It might not seem douchey. But it really was because, no I don't have perfect skin, but I'm not a candidate for accutane or anything you know? It just seemed a little vain.

So I get called in to the examination room and I'm sitting there thinking... wow. I'm such a dbag.

"Well Nancy, we here at Urgent Care are mainly focused on... emergencies and not so much acne treatments. I'll write you a prescription, but you'll have to see a dermatologist next time."

I wanted to be like, "SORRY my mother made me come here because she thinks there is a miracle cream to make me pretty in time to see my family in San Fransisco at the end of June. She strongly feels that her children are a reflection of her parenting and if I look ugly, then she must be a bad parent!!!"

I love her, and she's wonderful, but yes, she's that superficial.

Anyway, I got my anti fug cream.


Anonymous said...

hahha!!! that's hilarious!!! totally something my mom would do... my sister has seen sooo many dermatologists about her acne, but it's still not gone. :0/

you should show your mom a pic of my sister's skin... maybe she'll feel better about yours.

ps. I think your skin looks great.

Denny said...

lol! and the story begins....i've seen a dermatologist quite a bit in my lifetime, that he compelled me to become one. don't even worry about it, a few zits here and there just make the heart grow fonder and makes you more human. i guess urgent care has found new meaning haha