Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If we cantaloupe, lettuce marry...

An amazing thing about our bodies is that it has innate ways of telling us what kind of nutrients and things we need. We know these messages as "cravings". For instance, last weekend my body was telling me I needed some red velvet cupcakes. So I made two batches, in other words, 24 cupcakes. Hey, the body wants what it wants. Who am I to tell it otherwise. We know this is as "self indulgence".

Tonight, my body was telling me I needed fruit. And my body is actually lacking in all the vital nutrients that fruits have to offer because fruits are way too expensive. (I don't know how I rationalize spending $50 dollars on 4 shots of Grey Goose+4 pineapple backs but $2.99/lb on grapes? Hell. Freaking. No.)

But again, the body wants what it wants. I drove to Safeway and bought 20 dollars worth of fruit! I came back and ate half of a cantaloupe and then half of a honeydew. Oh, and threw some grapes in there, too. I'm really excited for when I have to poop tomorrow because you know its going to be a good one.

Although the benefits of binge eating fruits are... fruitful (haha.. but you know.. the vitamins, the fiber, the awesome bowel movements. You can't deny the satisfaction of a good #2.) I am definitely paying for it now. My ears are itching like crazy. My throat feels a little swollen. The lower part of my face is breaking out in little red bumps. It's all really attractive... The hocking sounds I make to "itch" my throat, rubbing the inside of my ears... sexy. And if you haven't figured it out, I am allergic to fruit.

"Self indulgence" at its finest.

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