Friday, May 15, 2009

cheap thrill of the WeEk!


I was wandering aimlessly through the mall, weaving in and out of the shopping stands in the middle (you know, the stands you think are a pretty damn useless waste of space, trying to sell you useless crap... like the body jewelry stand, the fake pony tail stand, the creepy persian guy hassling you to buy special hand lotion stand, the fake cigarette stand, etc. etc. ) Lo and behold, an eyebrow threading stand!!! There was a creepy guy trying to hustle customers for the eyebrow threading stand, but when I saw the "ONLY 9.95!" sign, the creepiness got a little less creepy and I was sold.

For those of you who don't know what threading is, its a great alternative to waxing and plucking your eyebrows! Using thread! The method originating in India, it perfects your brows like no other. No worry of allergic reaction to wax, less painful than plucking, and it lasts for about a month! It's a cleaner line, more precise, pulls hair from the root, and generally awesome.

I did this once at an uppity salon in Ballard. I paid 45 bucks for it. It's a ridiculous price, I know, but my brows were once quite unruly and no matter what I did, they just never looked right. I would do whatever and pay whatever to get them to be "normal".

Point being, I just HAD to do it today! In spite of my efforts to save money by giving up little luxuries like eyebrow and upper lip waxings, hair trims, and mani/pedis (which has been going well with the exception of today). I thought this was a reasonable time and way to reward myself. Which I did. and I'm so happy with it!

Anyways, for you people in the seattle area, go to South Center Mall. The little stand is located in front of forever21 and abercrombie. or hollister I can't remember which one. But its there! Try it for 10 bucks! The woman knows what she's doing :)

~Some people with great brows~


GirlyTomboy said...

posy up a picture of how your brows look?

Anonymous said...

so i went to get my eyebrows threaded at the same place like a couple weeks ago, and i didn't like it...she missed some hairs and it made me break out around my eyebrows and my upper lip area :(

i don't know if it just wasn't sanitary or what...but i really like how threading is pain was soo quick and easy! - joyce