Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i'm a munshter!

The wrath of my mother is one thing I fear most in this world. Sometimes, she's a little embarassing. But really, she's cute as hell.

"oh my gah! i look like a munshter!"- Mother after viewing this picture. LOL.

My mom, sister, and I decided to take a taxi back to my aunt's house after some shopping in downtown SF. We knew where we were going, but didn't quite know how to get there. We just asked him to take us to the street she lived on. But it wasn't in downtown and he obviously wasn't familiar. He called someone who I assumed to be a cabdriver buddy and cabdriver buddy helped us out a little bit. We finally got to a residential area that was obviously not where we wanted to be. My mom freaks out a little bit, leans over to me and whispers, "This is not right!"
I'm listing some landmarks and some street names to the driver, "Its near SanFran State University, umm.. Maybe you should have taken Alemany...I know its around there... One of the cross streets is Capitol.."

And then my sister chimes in,"Yeah, theres a church there!" (uh ok?)

And then my mom interjects, "A LOT OF BLACK PEOPLE LIVE THERE!!!"

"Well there IS, right??"


Fun stuff you find in flea markets.


Anonymous said...

did you pick up some candy jock straps?

Denny said...

looks like you're really exploring cali. hope you're enjoying it! you blogs are fun to read...i think i'll have to check it out more often =)